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Private Coaching Makes the Difference!

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Private coaching can make the difference in being forty and below on the list and being in the top ten going to the chief's oral to nail a badge!

 Preparation Questions Before Coaching 

Hereís our formula:  Those people who get our entry-level program  complete the worksheet,  practice with a hand held recorder that goes everywhere your car keys go and come back for a private coaching session with Captain Rob increase their chances of gaining a badge up to 90%!  Thatís not a statement but a fact!

We have coached candidates who had no experience and those who have been trying up to 18 years to get a firefighter job or promotion. One thing is common with most. After beating their heads against the wall trying everything possible to get this job, they figured out that the real secret is being able to pass the oral high enough to get a shot at the badge.

This from Captain Rob:

I'm a fire captain and am "Captain Bob's" son.  I do all the entry level coaching by in person and by phone nationwide. I donít really find people I coach doing anything wrong, but instead they fail to include some of the things theyíve done in the past that will help the board understand what kind of a person they are.

Please allow me to get on my soapbox for a moment. If you have put in an app., taken the written, or physical ability, you have an oral coming up...If you are in a fire academy, working as a volunteer, in high school, or are twelve years old and are going to be a firefighter some day YOU HAVE AN ORAL INTERVIEW IN YOUR FUTURE; YOU JUST DON’T KNOW THE DATE YET.  Too many candidates wait until the last minute to try and schedule a coaching session. 

One candidate told me recently that he wanted to wait until the last minute because he wanted to be fresh.  Fresh?  Please, you want to get a coaching session in advance to be able to work up your best presentation.  Not when you're caught flat footed when the letter arrives that you have been invited to the interview in a few days.  If you wait too long, you might not get in.  Although openings are generally available, I often book in advance.

The choice is up to you.  How do you think you can present yourself in the best light? If you have spent weeks or even months preparing or you are sitting in your car an hour before the interview still trying to figure out what you have done to prepare and hoping it looks something like what you put on you application.

My suggestion is you kill two birds with one stone. Prepare for your interview like you know you should, and next year you can give everyone a picture of you with your new badge for Christmas.

Here's what a new firefighter wrote:Firebookcover.jpg (87832 bytes)

Do every thing you can to make sure you are a top candidate and get to the chief's interviews. The best $$$$ I ever spent was with Captain Rob. After my coaching session my interview scores soared and I started getting Chief's interviews. I knew then the badge was possible. My wife could see it and the time I devoted to my quest was less noticed . . . Scott

"Hope is the anchor to the soul."

Preparation Before Coaching

In order to be eligible for private coaching first you must go through our Gold Package Program here: and are practicing your script copy here with a hand held recorder.  Without this it is a waste of your time and money and like pulling teeth for us because you don't understand our program.  You can make your coaching appointment below now so you will be sure to get in. More on the program here:

 Preparation Questions Before Coaching 

Here's What You Will Receive

One on one sessions are where you get dialed into making your best presentation.  The session runs between one and two hours depending on what you need, and we arenít done until weíve covered everything. Candidates armed with this information are the one's who are smoking past you in the oral, grab the badge and leave you as the brides maid. We know because we get the calls when they get their badge!

Imagine what a private session would do. I don't know about you, but I would want to place myself in a position where they can't go around you after that twenty minute oral.

If your coaching is done over the phone your session will be recorded in MP3 form and then emailed to you. I would like you to send me an email before your session at  I will record a few moments at the beginning of the session and send it to you before we start to make sure everything is working. If your session is in person I will also record it on a DVD.

Your taped session is a valuable tool for you to review to improve your oral board skills.

Canadian Candidates:  We will phone you for your coaching session so you will not having any long distance toll charges.

Almost immediately, candidates who get coaching get unstuck, improve their scores and get a real shot at a badge. We shorten the learning curve the shortest distance between you and the badge. The proof is in the badge!

  • Individual private coaching will enable you to bring out the best "Nugget" answers for your oral board presentation.
  • It will help you eliminate "Clone" answers

  • Overcome stage fright

  • Help keep it simple

Your session will draw out your special qualities and hidden "Nugget"   answers.  The sessions canbookcovr.JPG (23459 bytes) be in person or because of time and distance by phone.  You will receive an audio or video tape of your session for your review and improvement. 

The ball is now in your court. How are you going to return it for the badge?

Along with your coaching session you will also receive FREE the Conquer the Psychological Interview Special Report a $39.00 value. More on the Psych Program Here

As a Bonus  we're throwing in FREE Captain Bob's  "Fire Up Your Communication Skills (e-book )that has been translated in 27 countries including South Korea, Latin America and China.

How Much Does Coaching Cost?

Coaching tuition is $400.00 (we do accept credit cards).  Please don't let the cost of coaching separate you from getting a badge.

Payment Plan: Coaching is available through our easy payment plan of 3 payments over a 3 month period with zero interest.  You get in your coaching session now when you need it and not waste any opportunities.

You can place your coaching order here (or by phone below) and immediately receive your FREE Conquer the Psychological Interview Special report and Captain Bob's Fire Up Your Communications Skills.  Once you sign up you will be contacted to schedule your session.

Sign up for a coaching session with no obligation (you will be billed after the session) and receive your FREE Bonus Programs Here

Payment Plan: Coaching is available through our easy payment plan of 3 payments over a 3 month period with zero interest.  You get in your coaching session now when you need it and not waste any opportunities. More here

If you prefer to schedule by phone: Contact "Captain Rob" direct with your questions or set up a coaching appointment both by phone and e-mail.  Phone @707-869-1330, e-mail address    Make sure to include your return phone and cell numbers slowly twice even if your absolutely positive we have them so we can get back to you quickly.


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